I will no longer apologize.

It has been a while, but since you have last heard from me, I have moved into an apartment, visited home once, recruited an amazing pledge class, had my first assignments due and have dealt with a constant cold-like sickness. It has been quite the month. In my absence I realized I apologize too much.... Continue Reading →

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Client Meeting Reflection

Today I had the privilege of taking part in my first professional client meeting. I am thrilled to be fulfilling the position of account manager of a team of talented ladies. A few critical things I have learned so far include, but are not limited to: 1. It is important to take notes during a... Continue Reading →

American Horror Story: Cover Letters

Writing a cover letter is the most difficult assignment I have ever received. As someone who was raised to always choose humility, a one-page bragfest is nearly impossible for me, even if my attributes perfectly align with the job or internship to which I am sumitting the letter. Whilst writing one last night, I thought... Continue Reading →

A Birthday Makeover

Dear Friend, Two years ago today, this journey began as a passion project. I had so much love for the entertainment industry and I simply HAD to find an outlet to express such a love. I began this blog as an entertainment journalism blog, as that is what I was sure I wanted to pursue... Continue Reading →

Who needs a boost?

I know I do. To say that the past semester/six months of my life have been an absolute test would be the grossest understatement of all time. While there were some definite highlights (looking at you, PR program and All-Night Yahtzee), the majority of it was unbelievably difficult. I lost a grandparent, my classes were... Continue Reading →

I want to talk Chess.

Chess? Those of you who have seen the show might have recognized these lyrics from the musical Chess. Though a concept album was released in 1984, Chess first played for London audiences in 1986. It eventually came to Broadway in 1988, but unfortunately ran in New York City for only two years. As one might deduce from its... Continue Reading →

An inspired playlist.

First of all, I love my Yahtzee family. Boston was the time of my life. I'm still recovering. Let's do it all again next year. Greetings all. Checking in to say that this semester has gotten the best of me and I'm fifty shades of exhausted. I had a particularly draining weekend--physically, mentally, and emotionally.... Continue Reading →

One of My Best-Kept Secrets.

I am and always have been a private person when it comes to my favorite media content. I seldom share my favorite things because it seems telling others somehow makes them less mine. This is ridiculous, though, as I do not own this content and beyond that, it is my favorite for a reason: it... Continue Reading →


"How do you measure a year?" My second post of 2016 was one made in memory of David Bowie. Little did I know that he would be the first of many lights to go out in what many consider to be the worst year in history. Alan Rickman. Glenn Frey. Carrie Fisher. Debbie Reynolds. Prince.... Continue Reading →

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