Based on the classic board game, Clue follows the story of six guests as they travel to a mansion for a dinner party. Once they arrive, they are greeted by an eccentric butler and a zany maid. Not long after the night begins, chaos ensues as murder rears its ugly head and before they know it, the guests are forced to take on the task of revealing the identity of the murderer, all the while trying to remain alive.

This movie’s plot makes it sound rather serious, but is actual the total opposite. This is the DEFINITION of a slapstick comedy. It includes a stellar cast: Tim Curry, the late, great Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull… It is stacked full of incredible entertainers and boy do they deliver.


This movie actually could have been tomorrow’s feature, as it always makes me feel good, but I decided that since it was made in 1985, it could be today’s throwback feature!

While yesterday’s featured movie, Donnie Darko, had depth that lent itself to a hearty analysis, this movie is the exact opposite. It is a movie that stays on the surface and consequently, audiences are invited to simply just tag-along for the ride. I usually watch this movie after I’ve had a bad day or when I am fighting some sort of illness. While I have mixed feelings about re-watching movies that I have already seen (it has to be one of my favorites), I try to watch this movie at least once every year. It truly never gets old for me. I am driven to tears from the amount of laughter that it causes.

The beautiful thing about the comedy in this movie is that it is timeless. They are constantly delivering amazing one-liners and making fun of the stereotypes that their characters are portraying. I catch a new joke each time I watch it and I laugh just as hard at the older ones that I know are coming. I should offer a disclaimer, however, and tell you that if slapstick comedy is something that you dislike, you probably will not enjoy this film all that much. A slapstick comedy is one that is hinged upon clumsiness and stupidity. For example, my dad and I love this film because we are big on sarcasm and ridiculous theatrics. My mom, on the other hand, cannot stand this movie because she is easily annoyed by people falling or throwing things or anything remotely like that. (Sorry, Mama- tune in tomorrow!). Whether or not you will enjoy this film depends highly upon whether or not you are willing to laugh at absolutely absurd goings-on.

This film is also really appealing to me because I grew up playing the board game. To see these characters brought to life offered a really cool insight to the game and offered some validation for the assumptions you always had about your favorite characters. Take Miss Scarlet, for example: We were told in her game description that she was rather flirty. In the movie, we are able to see just how much of a flirt that she really is. It is just a nerd’s dream and as a self-proclaimed nerd, I really love this movie.

I highly recommend you watching this movie if you are having a rough day and want to forget about your troubles for 94 minutes. Make sure to stick around for the ending if you end up watching it, as it is my favorite part for sure.

Love and light to all, and remember- TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! ❤

— EK.



“This is WAR, Peacock!”


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