Hey all!

I intend to focus on musical artists and groups on Saturdays, but as you all know, I am currently attending Florida State University, which at this particular time of year, is more commonly referred to as Football State University. That being said, your girl is going to the game (which starts at 11:30 AM) and is hanging out with some people after, so I am preparing a playlist for you lovelies in hopes that you will have a rockin’ Saturday!

  1. Fiya Wata // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This is a raw cover and I love it so much. This song reminds me of middle-of-the-night bonfires back at home in Carolina. The kinds of nights where everyone is just happy to be with one another and everything is balanced.

2. Kelly // When Saints Go Machine

For the mornings when you need a little push to get yourself out of that bed and into that shower and morning routine.

3. Porphyria’s Lover // Fialta

Fun fact: I first listened to this song on the way home from my first kiss ever. I’m long gone from him, but the song remains.

4. Cecilia // Simon & Garfunkel

I dance every time. You should too.

5. Smooth Operator // Sade

I DARE you not to sing along. Triple-dog dare, even.

6. Wicked Game // Parra for Cuva ft. Anna Naklab

A cool, techno-twist on the Chris Isaak classic, which I also highly recommend ( watch here )

7. Awake // Josh Groban and Idina Menzel

You knew I had to sneak my girl on here somehow. This is a powerhouse duet. It makes me want to be in the gross, sappy kind of love. Yikes.

8. Ya Hey // Vampire Weekend

“But you love everything.” When the beat kicks out, I have a spiritual experience.

9. Sleep When We Die // Kenna

“This should all be cinematic; only a fool thinks it’s automatic.” Kenna rocks my world.

10. Song for Someone // U2

“If there is a dark that we shouldn’t doubt, then there is a light; don’t let it go out.” If nothing else, for that lyric right there.

Happy Saturday, y’all! GO NOLES! ❤

love and light! — EK ❤


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