“Love and hysteria are easily mistaken.”


The plot follows Laura, a successful columnist, as she travels to her college roommate/best friend Lila’s New England estate the night before Lila’s wedding in order to be her maid of honor. The twist, however, is that Lila is marrying Laura’s ex-boyfriend, for whom Laura still has feelings. Along with Laura, four more of their friends from college travel to attend the wedding. The group of friends all graduated from Yale together and have named themselves “The Romantics” because of their intermixing relationships within their friend group. As you’d imagine, when the entire group unites again, the night takes a downward spiral and before the characters know it, they have made an absolute mess of things and must work quickly to resolve things.


The movie carefully follows the book’s plot. The cast includes megawatt stars such as Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Candice Bergen, Anna Paquin, Dianna Agron, Adam Brody, and Malin Akerman. These actors and actresses do a wonderful job of creating the appropriate balance of tension and love between the group of friends. In my opinion, it could not have been cast any better than it was. I recommend the movie (after reading the book, of course) because it does a great job of giving viewers a visual representation of the madness and complexity of these characters.


This story is beautiful to me because it finally paints an accurate picture of what friendships are truly like. Too often in movies and stories, friendships are made into these beautiful, problem-free relationships where girls continuously bake cupcakes and cuddle and proclaim their undying love for their “bffs.” Laura and Lila’s friendship is much more genuine. They love each other, but in the weirdest way possible. They are simultaneously best friends and enemies. They are competitive and feel the constant need to outdo one another, but in this same regard, they push each other to be the best they can be. They are happy for one another’s successes, but not overly-so. They humble each other frequently. In other words, Laura and Lila’s relationship is representative of modern friendships. While I don’t condone the aspects of such a relationship, I greatly appreciate this accurate depiction of a relationship, as opposed to the over-the-top “You are the absolute best, sunshine of my life” kind of representation that we are usually spoon-fed.

I also love this story because we have all experienced the wild nights that seemingly last forever due to what happens during them. Time often flies by, but on nights like the ones that the characters experiences, the night lasts forever and that is precisely what you want. Nighttime is when I come alive. I’m most definitely nocturnal. I have my best ideas and do my best work in the wee small hours of the morning. I love the night and I love nighttime adventures. If you do too, this book/movie is for you. The story comes alive at night and the craziest things happen and you find yourself wanting the night to last forever for the characters’ sakes.

I’ve read the book twice and have seen the movie several times and each time, I become even more encaptured than before. The Romantics is a wild ride from beginning to end and I am always glad to take it.

My favorite quotation:

“Technically, on the spectrum of very bad things, they did nothing truly wicked. But of course, that spectrum has no measure for the greatest of all carnal sins, the kind that occurs before skin touches skin, before wondering turns to yearning, yearning to having, having to holding for dear life, when two people cling to each other so desperately that even when they lie, inches apart, neither is fully satisfied until the light between them turns to darkness.”

Galt Niederhoffer is a genius. Bravo.

Love and light<3


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