I recently got into an almost-argument with a friend over whether or not movies/musicals/songs/projects lose meaning after you’ve already seen them. He insisted that once someone experiences something, it is virtually impossible for him or her to experience it a second or third time and be as impacted as the first time he or she encountered it. I didn’t TOTALLY dismiss this idea. I pondered it for a bit as a carefully orchestrated a response, and brought to light this point:

I love baked potatoes. Absolutely LOVE them. I remember having my VERY FIRST loaded baked potato from O’Charley’s when I was in middle school. I am a person who never cleans her plate, but after that particular meal, not a crumb was present. I enjoyed it so much and decided right then that it was my favorite food. What I did NOT do, however, is decide also that I would never again experience a baked potato in the same way because I had already eaten my first one. I did not damn all future tastings of baked potatoes to be “sub par” just because I loved it so much the first time. I can assure you all that I get JUST as excited to eat baked potatoes now than ever before because my appetite is ever changing and it is normal to experience hunger.

Let’s take my metaphor and apply it to our favorite movies or songs or musicals. Just as my appetite grows and dwindles, so does my emotional state and being. Our favorites are our “favorites” because we love their ability to make us feel. I mentioned before that I have seen Wicked FIVE times and my love for it only grows each time I get to go see it. Yes, I nearly have the entire thing memorized, but that doesn’t change the value of the plot, nor does it change the things that seeing it makes me feel. I love revisiting my favorites because at the end of the day, I know exactly how they will make me feel and I can plan accordingly dependent upon my current state of feeling. I reread Alice in Wonderland each year because it renews my excitement for life and youth. Rather than setting an exact date to start my annual reread, I wait until I am feeling bored with my life and need the inspiration that I KNOW it will give me. Movies and songs are the same way. I listen to Idina when I want to be happy, Fleetwood Mac when I want to jam out, Krisitn and Barbra when I need to clear my head…..I watch Rent when I need to renew my gracious attitude, Sleepless in Seattle when I’m having boy troubles, and Practical Magic when I miss home.

I’ve seen and heard and experienced all of these things countless times before, but that doesn’t change the way I feel when I watch them. I am sure there are those of you out there who are content to experience something once and never look back, but I am not one of you. I feel things much too deeply for that. I form a personal relationship with each new movie/book/song/production that I encounter (yes, even the ones I dislike). It’s important to me to continuously ask myself why it is that my favorites are my favorites. This can be applied on a much larger spectrum than just the one pertaining to the entertainment industry. I encourage you all to ask yourself what it is about your favorites that makes them your favorites because it will justify who you are as a wholistic being.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you a great week ahead!

Love and light<3



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