This movie is perfectly cast with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. The plot follows the pair as they meet aboard a cruise ship. Though they are involved with other people, they meet and are launched into a wildly passionate and romantic affair. The fever dream ends, though, as their voyage comes to an end. They are forced to part and make plans to meet again, six months later, but will they make their plans?

Here is a great clip to explain this movie:

A Synopsis


Some people struggle with this movie, as if you look at it from a certain angle, you could criticize the moral aspect of the two people falling in love while they both were in relationships with other people. However, if you have ever been in love before, or even THOUGHT you’ve been in love before, you know that when it hits you, it’s impossible to avoid. Give into it or spend forever wishing that you would have. This is an accurate portrayal of what real-life love is like. It never happens at an opportune time. It’s always at the most inconvienient of times and you can make as many excuses as possible, but running never helps. Man up and make decisions. Not to mention, this movie takes place in my favorite little corner of the world- New York City.

Love and light to you all! Check it out!

–EK ❤

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