Hey all!

I am sorry that my posts have been coming out so late, but I’ve had several exams in the past few weeks. This week will be much better!

Today I’d like to discuss the song “Thank Goodness” from the musical Wicked. Most specifically, I’d like to discuss the incredible acting of one Kristin Chenoweth.

For those of you unfamiliar with the plot, the song opens the second act and is all about a celebration that is being hosted by Oz’s new public figurehead, Glinda the Good. After losing her best friend, Glinda must put on a brave face and convery her sheer joy and excitement to the citizens that are looking for her guidance.

The lyrics of this song are phenomenal. It takes a highly-skilled person to be able to sing it and portray the feigned sense of elation and Kristin Chenoweth does it perfectly. She manages the perfect mixture of “Everyone is looking to me for encouragement so I must be brave for them” and “I am hurting so badly on the inside right now.” Cheno is able to convey this through facial expression and it is unbelievable to watch. I recommend everyone does so here:

Cheno’s “Thank Goodness”

I really love this because we have all been in this situation before. We’ve all had to suck it up when in reality, we just feel like dying inside. We’ve all had to watch someone get what we want and have to pretend to be excited for them. What her character experiences in this scene is an eerily familiar feeling to us all and Glinda is absolutely right:

“Getting your dreams is strange, as it seems, a little..well… complicated.

There’s a kind-of, a sort-of…cost,

There’s a couple of things get…lost, 

There are bridges you cross you didn’t know you crossed until you’ve crossed.”

Love and light all!



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