Written by Kurt Vonnegut, this anti-war novel is a ride from beginning to end. It covers everything from aliens to time-travel to optometry to cross-dressing soldiers…. as I said, a wild ride.

Billy experiences an existential crisis in the book and that’s something to which we can all relate, I’m sure. I won’t tell much else of the plot because I don’t want to spoil it. You all should definitely read it.



This novel was so weird in that I didn’t notice how much I was enjoying it while I was reading it. My enjoyment of this book came via realization several weeks after I read the novel. I now understand why it was on the summer reading list as a prerequisite for my senior year English class. The book really emphasizes the point that each decision we make affects essentially every aspect of our life. It reminds me a lot of the infamous Chaos Theory; a flap of a butterfly’s wing could cause one of the worst hurricanes our world has ever experienced. Even the simplest of choices I make could have impacts so vast that it’d blow my mind. This premise is largely why this book has a cult following. It satirizes rudimentary life–aliens, time-travel, etc.– in order to highlight that even our “careless” decisions matter and as a result, we should really put a bit more time forth in planning and mapping out our courses of action.

One thing the main character repeats throughout the novel is the phrase “and so it goes.” This is significant because this is how we should view our lives and the consequences of our actions. Because he is unsatisfied with some of his major life choices, he is condemend to a life of having to sit back while watching unfortunate things happen to him on a loop and all he can say about it is “and so it goes,” which might as well mean “Oh well. I did this.”

Love and light to all! Read the novel!



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