Still really sick, y’all. Once I get my energy and health back, I promise to do better.

but I am so excited to be writing this because I am a Gambino Girl Forever. For sure.



He is truly a man of many talents. He can sing, he can act, he can rap, he’s a GREAT comedian, he is incredibly smart. He obtained a degree from New York University. His most notable career achievements are his role as Troy Barnes on the sitcom Community, his job as a writer for the popular sitcom 30 Rock, his stand-up comedian career, and the rap career he launched in 2011.

I am a fan of ALL of his work. What a jack of all trades.


As I said, I love him for all of his projects, but the one I admire most and enjoy most is his rapping career. I am not someone who listens to a plethora of rap, so if I am recommending rap music, know that it is amazing. I love the tracks he has laid beneath his words. They all have realy incredible and distinctive melodies. The thing that impresses me most about Gambino’s music is the lyrics. You can see the comedic writing traits in his lyrics because they contain so many witty remarks and puns that cannot be found in similar rap music. I so appreciate wit so naturally, I appreciate his songs. It’s just good rap music, y’all. Good stuff happening here.

SOME OF MY FAVS: (clean edits 🙂 )



U Don’t Have to Call


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