Much like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (it’s coming, I promise), this musical is a dark-comedy-rock-musical that is based upon a 1960 film with the same title.

The plot follows Seymour, the owner of a plant shop, as he cultivates a flesh and blood eating plant. Seymour is hopelessly in love with the beautiful Audrey, who is currently dating evil dentist Orin. Madness ensues as the plant that turns Seymour’s business into a thriving one reveals it can speak and is demanding food (which of course, is blood).

I won’t reveal what happens during Act II, as the plot takes a wild turn and you should take the turn with it when you experience it. Definitely check this musical out. There’s also a film version for those who cannot catch it in a theatre.

lsoh2 Plants_2


It involves a man-eating plant and even incorporates some extraterrestrial elements eventually. It’s got the classic elements for a cult classic! It really is very similar to the RHPS. The characters are wild, yet loveable, and the music is so damn good. I enjoy it and would recommend it every time.

Love and light!

Little Shop of Horrors

Suddenly Seymour

Somewhere That’s Green


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