A brilliant man whom you love without even realizing it.



Talk about accomplishments. The man is an incredible gift. His lyrisc are fire and the music he puts underneath them is so transcendent. Here are some notable works of his (as composer, lyricist, or BOTH):

  1. Godspell
  2. Pippin
  3. Mass
  4. Wicked
  5. Songs from Pochohantas
  6. Songs from Enchanted
  7. Songs from The Prince of Egypt
  8. Songs from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The list could go on forever, but these are likely the works of his with which you are familiar.


It must be nice to wake up one morning, walk to a piano, and write something like “Defying Gravity.” Imagine possessing the skillset that allows you to create music as wonderful as that! I am especially a fan of his work for Wicked and Godspell. The music of Godspell is so catchy. I am continuously singing it while walking to class. I love his songs for Wicked because in addition to being aurally beautiful, he really captured the gravity (pun most definitely intended) of the situation and wrote honest lyrics. He finds a perfect balance. “For Good,” a song loved by so many, is one of the most heartbreaking songs to ever exist and you can HEAR the heartache in the song. The two best friends are saying goodbye to one another forever and that song simply captures both the love and the sadness perfectly and that’s all because of Stephen Schwartz ability to write incredible music. Brava, Schwartz!

Love and light to all!



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