I loved this book when I was a kiddo.



Winnie is a very curious girl who loves to adventure and one day she finds herself encountering the Tuck family. They come off as very mysterious people and she soon realizes that their bizarre nature is a result of their eternal lives. They drank from a magical spring that contains water that has the power to immortalize anyone who may drink from it. She becomes swept up in the Tuck family and soon conflict arises.


  1. A rando 1981 version that wasn’t very popular.
  2. A Disney version with precious Alexis Bledel as Winnie.

They both follow the plotline of the book.

There is also a musical theatre adaptation.


I love considering immortality. Isn’t it the most romantic thought to consider finding someone who means the world to you and getting to spend forever with him? Even better- you’re eternally 17. You wouldn’t age. So long as everyone around you drinks from the magic spring, you’d have it made…but that’s just it; what if someone you really love doesn’t drink from the fountain and consequently, you outlive them and are left without them forever. That would be truly terrible. It’s a fun scenario to consider.

Love and light!



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