For me, it isn’t Halloween until I have blared this soundtrack and watched this movie. I have even made it a tradition of traveling to a theatre at midnight to partcipate in the active viewings…I’m sure you’ve heard of them.



The plotline follows the newly-engaged couple Brad (ASSHOLE!) and Janet (SLUT!) as they experience car trouble and wind up seeking help at a mysterious castle where a huge party is taking place. Upon entering the castle, they quickly realize that they are in for one wild night. The castle belongs to Dr. Frankenfurter, a wacky scientist from Transexual, Transylvania. The party is being thrown in honor of his latest experiment, Rocky, a chizzled man to which Frankenfurter plans to give life. Brad and Janet become swept up in the events of the night and a wild night is experienced by all.


It has a bit of everything. Glitter. Space. Murder. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sex. Dancing. Everything. The soundtrack for this musical is INCREDIBLE. Even those who cannot stand to watch the movie often LOVE the music because it’s just THAT good. I mean who HASN’T done the Time Warp at least once in their lifetime? The interactive screenings of this movie are SO MUCH FUN. You get to do what you’ve always wanted to do while in movie theaters: dress up in (sleazy) costumes, throw things, yell things, get up and dance…For first timers, there is a “Virgin” initiation during which you must pledge your allegience to the film. I will never forget my Rocky Horror initiation. It is most definitely an event I look forward to attending every October. In fact, I am going this Friday at midnight and could NOT be more excited! I encourage you all to go if you have the opportunity! It’s great fun for all in attendance!

Audience Participation Script

Love and light!



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