My Three Favorite Emotional Performances

Hi all! I have a bit of free time on my hands this afternoon and what better way to use it than to post my three favorite emotionally-stacked performances?!

3. The incomparable Kristin Chenoweth with her rendition of “My Coloring Book.” The reason I so admire this performance is because you can see each emotion that is included in the lyrics reflected in her performance at the appropriate time. In addition to her impeccable acting, this song is one that requires its singer to feel what she is singing. It is so easily relateable for listeners. We’ve all played the part of a lover scorned and deserted.

My Coloring Book:


2. You don’t know me all that well if you didn’t see something by these two coming- Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham’s 2004 version of “Landslide” is enough to make even the most heartless feel something. When she grabs his hand…*cue tears* Considering their tumultuous romantic history, the fact that they are able to continue to perform together is nothing short of a miracle. Music inspires bonds that simply cannot be broken, even under the most unfortunate of circumstances.

“We go on stage and still have our love affair.” – Stevie on Lindsey


  1. “My Man” from the musical Funny Girl, starring Queen Streisand. I cry at this scene every single time I watch the movie. I don’t know whether it is a gift or a curse that I am able to empathize with others so well, but what I do know is that I can relate to Fanny during this scene.  I love that, though she’s literally JUST had her heart shattered by the man she loves, she realizes that the show must go on and she performs anyway. We’ve all had those moments where the LAST thing we want to do is put a smile on our face and go about pretending to be happy, but we do it anyway. Why do we do it anyway? Because we must if we would like the chance to begin to change our circumstances. After losing the man she loves, the stage is all she has and she knows that she can control it. You can visibly identify the moment that she remembers that what she is doing is bigger than herself and the emotions of the moment (and just in case you can’t, around 1:27 and then even more so in the following seconds when the music swells). I cry with her and for her in this scene.


What can I say…I love feeling things and these three performances make me feel a myriad of emotions. If you have a minute, check them out! Happy Weekend, weekenders! For my friends and family in Carolina– stay safe in this weather!

Love and light to all! -EK



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