An inspired playlist.

First of all, I love my Yahtzee family. Boston was the time of my life. I’m still recovering. Let’s do it all again next year.

Greetings all. Checking in to say that this semester has gotten the best of me and I’m fifty shades of exhausted.

I had a particularly draining weekend–physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s hard when you grow up in an environment that encourages caring so much, only to move into a place where caring is viewed as a vulnerability. I was raised to apologize. Florida isn’t big on that, either. It’s easy to let dislike, distaste, and maybe even a little hate, rule out when you’re in an environment that condemns care. Care about a class too much? Lame. Care about a club? Embarrassing. Care about someone? Laughable.

Except it isn’t. I can’t help that I was raised to care. I do not know how to tackle an assignment, a project, a task, a person, anything, without investing. How could that be lame, embarrassing, or laughable? I have done homework all weekend because I care about my classes and their role in shaping my future. During breaks from homework, I kept watching the video from All-Night Yahtzee’s Boston performance because I am incredibly proud of the arrangement, the dedication, and the passion poured into it. I safely delivered friends home after a wine night because I care so much about them. If that makes me weak, or obnoxiously sweet, or too passionate…so be it. I can live with the reputation of “cares too much.” It will forever be better than caring too little. My biggest fear is that I will live empathetically.

Live your life with passion. Pet dogs. Give hugs. Tell someone who looks a little down that you like their shirt. I have to get back to my homework now, but I’ll leave some Boston-inspired jams for you all to enjoy today! This was my soundtrack for Bos:

Heavenly Father – Bon Iver

G-Train – Thirdstory

I Was Brought to My Senses – Sting

Cellophane – Sia

Self Control – Frank Ocean

Straightjacket – Quinn XCII

22 (Over Soon) – Bon Iver

Listen to Her Heart – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

One Way to Go – Shoshana Bean

Desperately – Sam Dew






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