Client Meeting Reflection

Today I had the privilege of taking part in my first professional client meeting. I am thrilled to be fulfilling the position of account manager of a team of talented ladies. A few critical things I have learned so far include, but are not limited to:

1. It is important to take notes during a client meeting.  During the meeting, I found myself coming up with a million ideas and while that is an amazing thing, I feel I missed some vital information while brainstorming. It is important to multitask and jot down any ideas concerning the campaign, as well as pay close attention to everything the client is providing for you.

2. Go into a client meeting knowing EVERYTHING about the company. Do not waste time, yours or theirs, asking questions that could have easily been answered via their website or a search enging.

3. Adapt your pre-written questions as the meeting progresses. Based on what the client is providing you, take a look at your list of questions and scrap ones that no longer make sense. For example, I had a question about how they thought it best to reach non-grandparents. I could tell by what they were saying they were mainly interested in reaching grandparents and as a result, I refrained from asking my question. Again, listening and observing is vital during a client meeting.

4. Finally, always be prepared to thank clients after their visit. A gracious attitude immediately distinguishes one from competitors and makes clients more willing to provide you with information you want or need.

I am very excited to put finishing touches on the Situational Analysis and move forward with the campaign.


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