February Reflection – Research Process

Research is a vital part of every campaign. I approached this semester with an excited air, as I thought that having done research with Florida Prepaid last semester would make this semester much easier. To an extent, it made the preparation of the background knowledge simpler, but the research is proving to be much harder. For starters, the account managers and our respective research directors gathered one Saturday to work on a “Super Survey,” that was to be distributed to the mass, senior-epicenter of The Villages in Tampa, Fla. We were all discouraged to learn that we would not be able to send our survey to them, especially after doing all the work prematurely and feeling like it had gone to waste.

As for our personal research, my team has also had an incredibly difficult time disseminating our survey to the target audience. Our original plan was to contact the school boards in multiple counties throughout Florida. After calling and emailing, we reached a stalemate with them due to a rigorous and time-consuming application process requiring more time and money than we have at our disposal. We then decided to reach out to local churches/places of worship and only one church repsonded to us and I am still not entirely sure they distributed our survey. I will be following up with them this week.

Because of the challenges of disseminating our information, we decided to just try and snowball it to our online communities and encourage sharing amongst grandparents and are going to desperately try to recruit four grandparents for in-depth interviews once we return for Spring Break.

Admittedly, I am disappointed. I had high hopes in our plans for targeted sampling and the fact that we have had to negotiate our plan upsets me. I am not discouraged, though, and look forward to continuing to push our survey on personal social media outlets. We will be closing out survey for analysis after Spring break.


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