March Reflection

I cannot believe there is only one month left until presentations are to be given. It seems only yesterday that I was nearly pulling my hair out due to stressing over how to start this monster of an undertaking. Two months later, I am so excited to have just finished analyzing our data and begin planning our strategies and tactics. Dr. Merle was absolutely correct when he said the Situational Analysis was the hardest element of the project. I feel like my team has finally arrived at the point of the semester in which the project becomes fun and reminiscent of the excitement our “adult” lives will entail in the professional field.

I learned that I actually enjoy doing research. Last semester was a false impression, as everything seems a little worse when you’re beginning and I was scared to begin a research project for the campaign. After being primed last semester, this semester’s data analysis process was way less stressful. It actually was exciting to see all of the mini-hypotheses my team had conjured up become supported or contradicted. The results solidified what we were originally thinking for the campaign direction, as well as opened up new avenues down which we have since diverged. Though our sample is not ideal, the sample we had will enable a great direction in which to take our campaign and leaves us room to make recommendations for the future.

I am still a bit stressed over the book, but I believe I am stressed about it because our campaign plan is so good that we need to work hard to ensure we are doing it justice. That being said, Morgan has come up with an awesome template. My team has decided to divide and conquer, as we each are responsible for a particular strategy in our campaign plan. Though a month seems a long time, I know that in actuality it will fly by and presentations will be upon us before we know it. Going first is a bit intimidating, but I am confident in my team and my plan and know that we are going to put our best work forward.


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