Meet Emily Kate

Hello there! My name is Emily Kate Killian. I am a native North Carolinian who has just recently relocated to Tallahassee, Florida. I am a student at Florida State University and am loving every minute of it (GO NOLES!).  My goal is to major in communication with hopes of becoming an entertainment journalist. I realize that a lot of work lies ahead of me, but hey- half of the fun is getting there.

I truly love the entertainment industry. Ask anyone who knows me personally and they will tell you that I have been crazy-obssessed with film, musical theatre, and celebrities for the entirety of my life. The entertainment industry is home to me and to be a participant in it, even on an amateur level such as this, is the greatest blessing I’ve been afforded to date.

If you ever want to talk movies/celebs/music/schnauzers, I’m your girl. Please never hesitate to drop in and say hi, or follow me on one of my many social media outlets!

Love and light! – EK.

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