One of My Best-Kept Secrets.

I am and always have been a private person when it comes to my favorite media content. I seldom share my favorite things because it seems telling others somehow makes them less mine. This is ridiculous, though, as I do not own this content and beyond that, it is my favorite for a reason: it... Continue Reading →



"How do you measure a year?" My second post of 2016 was one made in memory of David Bowie. Little did I know that he would be the first of many lights to go out in what many consider to be the worst year in history. Alan Rickman. Glenn Frey. Carrie Fisher. Debbie Reynolds. Prince.... Continue Reading →


Think of the last movie you saw in theaters. I’ll bet it was either a romance, a comedy, a mixture of the two, or an action film. Now think of the last song you heard on the radio. Was it a showtune? A rap song? A country tune? Whatever the last film, whichever the last... Continue Reading →

I will no longer apologize.

It has been a while, but since you have last heard from me, I have moved into an apartment, visited home once, recruited an amazing pledge class, had my first assignments due and have dealt with a constant cold-like sickness. It has been quite the month. In my absence I realized I apologize too much.... Continue Reading →

Once More, This Time with Feeling

"There's a difference between giving up and starting over." Hi all. I'm not too big to admit that I've failed and I'm so thankful for my failure. It demonstrated that no matter how much you love something, if you allow yourself to become too formulaic or too restrained, you can lose interest or have difficulty... Continue Reading →

Pan’s Labyrinth

Hey all! Today’s post will be all about Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, or rather, El Laberinto del Fauno, as the dialogue in this movie is entirely Spanish. Fear not, folks-- it offers very accurate and helpful English subtitles. I initially thought the language barrier would be a hard one to jump for this movie,... Continue Reading →

It’s been a week.

It's had its ups and downs, but overall, it has been a downer. I received a phone call one week ago that someone very dear to me had been involved in a really bad car accident and let me just tell you that you really don't know what powerless feels like until someone you love... Continue Reading →

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