The one that speaks to me today.

Hey all! Wanted to drop in and do a quick post about a song that I have been, quite literally, playing since I got up this morning. It's from one of my all-time favorite musicals:¬†Funny Girl. It's called "The Music That Makes Me Dance" by the brilliant Jule Styne. It's a bit sappy, but Valentine's... Continue Reading →


Mama Cinds Edition

I'm taking today to celebrate the most important lady in the whole world. Not only am I grateful that she was born for obvious selfish reasons, but for the many lives she has touched and continues to touch along her way as an incredible teacher and friend. I've never met someone who has a bigger... Continue Reading →

my heart breaks today.

I had it all planned out before I even went to sleep last night. I had picked my favorite dresses, my favorite moments, and my top picks from The Golden Globes and was ready to write a long and fabulous post all about them...but then I woke up to the news. Now, was I a... Continue Reading →


I love the film adaption of the classic musical. It stars the wonderful Matthew Broderick as Harold Hill and the amaaaaazing Kristin Chenoweth as Marian. Victor Garber also stars as the Mayor of the town. THE PLOT:¬† Harold Hill is a masterful con-artist who comes to a small, midwestern town in hopes of making the... Continue Reading →


I cannot say enough good things about this song. Though the lyrical content is not necessarily "feel-good," the three amazing women who are singing this song are incredible. The parts where they all harmonize together give me chills every single time that I listen to them. Audra, Megan, and Kelli are a match made in... Continue Reading →

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